Jeudi 20 janvier 2011

What Significant Role Does iPad Play in College?

It will be very valuable to see how this evolves and how schools end up using the iPad to assist in the students’ learning endeavors.  Simply giving one away is not going to do much.  If schools can change the process they use and provide interesting content that is integrated into the learning experience the possibilities could be quite exciting. What do you think?  Would you use it in school?


In fact, most of college teachers are unable to make an attractive presentation, so aimed to those who are not able to create a good presentation; PowerPoint to video converter will absolutely a best option, it makes this easy for every teacher. Educators don’t need to do any complex designing or programming in order to produce the attractive results he desires. Nearly all of colleges teachers using PowerPoint to take lessons, (you can also turn your lesson presentation into DVD by using PowerPoint to DVD converter) As a student with increasingly poor eyesight, I particularly like how I can pinch or tap to enlarge the size of pages for better reading, I also actually think that pages are best read in the portrait position of the iPad. Because I put the PowerPoint of the teaching content into my iPad so that I can practice and review it anytime and anywhere, but you need mac iPad video converter to help you convert your Presentation to iPad so that you can view lesson presentation on the go,of course you are a mac user. In my personal experience, for mac users, this iPad video converter for mac can resolve any issues when you experience difficulty in converting DVD into iPad.


Colleges and universities are looking to adopt the iPad as a collaborative tool, a standardized mobile device to integrate into curriculums, and, in some cases, even a cost-saving device.

The program will be used to determine how effective iPads can be as tools to enhance learning as well as how such mobile devices can be integrated into the workplace. This creative teaching attempt will be focused on fields of study where we believe we can best determine the higher education value of the iPad, We will evaluate the academic enhancement to the courses, how the iPad and its specific apps and web-based tools can be integrated in this capacity, and perhaps most importantly, how the integration of these mobile tools can expand the teaching and learning abilities of students.


Undoubtedly, iPad would be a practical assistant of college teachers in the fields of information teaching. So we should highly encourage the university students to reasonably use the iPad to help them learn and make it to be your learning assistant.

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How to Minimize Your Troubles When Copying Videos between iPad and Mac

As a user who also owns a beloved iPad device, I can obviously image that how you are feeling when you first get an attractive but innovative iPad, so it is essential for you to entirely know how to efficiently take full advantage of all the features the iPad possesses. With almost one year experience in use of iPad I find that I definitely have been proficient at all powerful functions about iPad, and I’m very pleased to share my experience with the people who are getting the troubles in using iPad. So, this article will be basically talking about how to copy video files from Mac to iPad, I will take the DVD and video as an example to explain how it performs! And what tool we need! Hope it can bring more help!

With the growing number of iPad walking into people’s life, I firmly believe that the method the article mentioned will give you an optimal and preferred scheme when you experience the difficulty in copying and transferring the DVD movies and video into iPad. To be productive with your iPad, the first thing you need to do is learn how to exchange documents with your Mac.

Use iTunes to transfer the compatible video files to iPad.

For apps that use Apple's File Sharing, such as Apple's iWork programs, you can use iTunes to get files on and off the iPad. When your iPad is connected to your Mac and iTunes is open, select your iPad in the iTunes Source list and then click on iTunes' Apps tab. Scroll down to the File Sharing section. You'll see a list of apps. Click on one to see any files you've already added to, or created on, the iPad. Add and Delete Documents Click Add, navigate to a document in the Open dialog box, select the objective files and click export button to copy your files to iPad. This approach is so easy to be mastered for beginner.

Use free tool to transfer incompatible video files to iPad on mac

Most of the time, I often come across a host of favorite movies and videos when we surf the internet, and maybe the first thought formed in your mind is how to copy and transfer these wonderful movies to my iPad, I have to admit that it is really a nice thing. Now the question becomes,  you will have a problem that how to import your video to iPad, and how to convert different formats of video to iPad supported media formats so that we can play DVD movie on iPad, music and video clips on our iPad?


Around several months ago, with this problem in hand, I surf the internet and found a nice iPad Video Converter from Top Seven Reviews called iSkysoft mac DVD to iPad Converter . I have experienced it and now share with you how to convert the DVD and video files to iPad format. To save people time and improve the efficiency I particularly take some time to list a step-by-step tutorial regarding mac iPad video converter for those willing to invest time and effort into mastering this approach, with this best converter for iPad, enjoying movies on your iPad is just piece of cake!

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Mardi 04 janvier 2011

Are You Satisfied or Disappointed by the Apple iPad?


“I am the one of those who is really disappointed about Apple’s iPad. It’s a computer that needs another computer. You have to work with iTunes. There is no USB or SD card support without having to hunt high and low for 3rd party adapters, what really bothers me though is that Apple says you can hold the whole Internet in your hands. Well you can’t” ----- One of my close friends said:

As far as I know, the footstep of the iPad is approaching! iPad has been walking into china market! So Apple is beyond doubt that it is attempting to capture china’s marketing. To strengthen its global marketing position. Apple’ foot nearly reached every corner of the Earth. Beyond the unquestionable commercial success of the iPad, there are also some people who bought the tablet but were left unsatisfied and who, therefore, still rather use their old laptop or netbook.

The main reason for this situation is that not for all users the iPad can be regarded as the instrument to fully substitute their laptop. Before buying a product like the iPad, putting aside the emotional and impulsive approach, you should ask yourself what you could use it for and what would you actually do with it.

Personally, when I bought the Apple’s iPad, I have completely abandoned my netbook and my MacBook. I used them to surf the Internet, read e-mail, keep me informed with my feeds on Google Reader and write articles for the blog when my desktop computer wasn’t available. So, ultimately, it was a limited set of activities that are fully reproducible with my iPad. According to the research, the 20% bummed for iPad is mostly due to the fact that they really hate iTunes and only use it when absolutely necessary (I don’t like the way it syncs, the music library sucks, etc). I almost reconsidered my purchase when I found out almost everything done on the iPad must be done through iTunes.

For instance, when I need to play DVD movie on iPad, there are no anyways I can adopt except for using the iPad converter to help me turn the movies into the suitable format iPad supported, for Mac users, this mac iPad video converter can resolve any issues when you experience difficulty in converting DVD movies into iPad, so I strongly recommend it to the friends who in need of watching DVD movies on iPad. What’s more, To save people time and improve the efficiency I particularly take some time to list a step-by-step tutorial about how to convert DVD to iPad for those willing to invest time and effort into mastering this approach, and take the DVD to iPad reviews as your reference.

In my humble opinion, I wouldn’t buy an iPad if it did cost the same as a netbook. Obviously it’s touch sensitive and has a nice screen, but no card reader, no usb, no camera. Also remember than on a small netbook you can run thousands of “applications” you could run on a desktop PC too. Still I’m fascinated by the iPad. The design and the concept are simply beautiful, and I don’t need to worry about anything because I have a best iPad video converter  in my hand.


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